Peak Summit Design

Peak Summit Design is your one stop Web design and development shop. Let us create something unique for your business.


Web Design & Development

From start to finish, using customer provided designs, images, art work and content or have Peak Summit Design do all the work, you'll have a great looking and functional Website. We work closely with the client during the entire process to bring a finished project to fruition. Multiple milestone checkpoints are ticked off by the customer ensuring the customer's complete 100% satisfaction with the finished project. Also included in our Website services is search engine Optimization, improving your potential ranking in search engines.
Already have a Website your overall happy with but need to modify? Peak Summit Design can do this as well. Whether you need to update or add to an existing Website or modify one, Peak Summit Design would be more than happy to do this for you.


WordPress Install & Development

Have an itch to blog? Need a way for multiple contributors to add content to a Website frequently? Then WordPress is your solution. From simple blogging to a large Electronic Store front WordPress can handle the demands. Best yet WordPress allows for future expansion fairly simply and with the use of the ACL (Access Control List) you are able to allow different individuals with different levels of access to add or update content and upload media files. By assigning roles to different members you control who does what and how. Peak Summit Design can custom craft a theme that's just right for your Website project and continue to maintain the site as the customer sees fit.


Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration

Need Web Hosting and/or a Domain Name? Peak Summit Design can help you obtain Web hosting and register a Domain Name. Peak Summit Design can even if needed upload your new Website to your new or existing Hosting provider and ensure that all configuration files are fully configured for your Website. Need continuing monthly maintenance? Let Peak Summit Design do this for you. We offer several flexible and cost effective monthly contract options.

Welcome to Peak Summit Design

In today's world, a business, blogger or social media maven cannot achieve much success without a great Website to promote and showcase that business or blog. Traditional brick and mortar businesses are seeing and feeling the effects of online merchandizing. Potential customers will not patronage your business whether at a physical location or online if they are unaware you exist. You need an effective way to advertise your business and draw in customers. A modern Responsive Website can do this which is the goal here at Peak Summit Design. Your success is our success.

Our Websites are designed to be fully responsive, that is, the Website will look good in mobile browsers, tablet browsers as well as desktop computer browsers by scaling to the device that's viewing your Website. This ensures a great user experience for both the mobile user and a desktop user.

Additionally we provide SEO Marketing (Search Engine Optimization) benefits that enable your website to be seen, to become more visible in leading Search Engines.

As part of Peak Summit Design's Website package we include Google Analytics. With Google Analytics you monitor website visitors, conversion rates and increase sales. An indespensible tool, Google Analytics provides insights into how your website is behaving and what you can do to improve marketing as well as mobile performance.

After we deliver to you, your new Website, we do not leave you hanging. We'll walk you through and provide guidence on uploading media files, provide training in using a text editor and use an FTP client as well as configuration suggestions.